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This warranty is for devices purchased by UAB “Jusena”. The warranty will be valid from the date of sale / transfer of the device, unless the contract provides otherwise. Warranty period of the device is indicated on the purchase voucher.
Free repair or replacement of defective parts is performed for goods whose identification certificate is clearly and correctly completed and which have a saved purchase receipt. In the absence of the above-mentioned documents, or in the event that they lack information or the information provided is not readable, UAB Jusena has the right to refuse to provide free repair of goods or replacement of parts.
UAB “Jusena” reserves the right to refuse to accept the guarantee if the following warranty conditions and / or instructions for use of the appliance are violated. When the seller replaces the item or its component parts within the specified warranty period, the new item or item is subject to the extended warranty period.

All goods for which the manufacturer grants is subject to the manufacturer’s warranty terms. The warranty period is indicated on the product description.


Guarantee obligations are terminated / not applicable in the following cases:

  1. In the event of natural disasters (lightning, flood, earthquake, fires), inappropriate operating conditions, intentional or negligent on the part of the user;
  2. In the event of malfunctions due to unauthorized, unsuitable voltage sources, power grid disruptions;
  3. Damage due to foreign objects inside the appliance: sand, liquid (corrosion, oxidation), food, water, insects, etc .; Failure to observe the device’s instructions for use of the device – Shortcuts due to extraneous objects.
  4. The use of non-target chemicals;
  5. Damage resulting from the purchase after the device falls, shaking or moving the device when the device is carried by the customer himself;
  6. The faults were eliminated by the employee / person of the manufacturer’s unauthorized service; non-intended use;
  7. The device was deliberately damaged, broken;

Warranty Servicing Rules:

The buyer, when placing the device for warranty repair, must simultaneously submit a purchase document (cash receipt receipt) and other necessary documents, if required by the seller;

  1. The device must be supplied in a package that ensures safe transportation. If the product is delivered without packaging, the Seller is not responsible for mechanical damage caused during transportation of the device;
  2. The device or its component is accepted by the seller, drawing up the act of acceptance / transfer of the goods. One act delivered to the client;
  3. If the fault is not confirmed and / and in the event of faults that are not subject to warranty obligations and free service, all expenses related to the transportation of the goods to the service center, fault detection and repair, the client pays for his own account;
  4. Damage caused by the manufacturer due to the fault of the manufacturer during the guarantee period is disposed within 14-21 days after the transfer of the device to an authorized service or within 45 days if the item is to be brought from abroad;
  5. The device is exchanged or refunded if failures that occurred during the warranty period can not be removed;
  6. When removing the item, it is necessary to check or return all equipment delivered for repair. Due to the assembly, later claims are not accepted;
  7. Technical maintenance (replacement of batteries, other parts) is carried out at a service charge at the customer’s request;
  8. If after the repair of the item about the withdrawal of goods the informed customer does not withdraw the goods, after 6 months. UAB “Jusena” has the right to no longer protect the goods from the completion of repair.
Attention is prohibited:
  1. Install the device in direct sunlight, near a source of heat or magnetic radiation.
  2. Remove covers or otherwise disassemble the device.
  3. Put heavy objects on the device.
  4. Use alcohol or other chemical solvents for cleaning.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is advisable to contact us by phone or e-mail before the defective or inoperative device arrives, for warranty repairs, perhaps our specialists will save you valuable time and money for free, good advice.
With proper care, the device can serve you for many years.