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Reduce urban pollution by driving from point A to B with EkoRide and avoid traffic jams!

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SL series- is a powerful and comfortable vehicles for driving on the roads!

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With EkoRide you will be more likely to visit your city parks, discover new places and have fun!

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Electric vehicles

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The latest EkoRide electric scooters, scooters, scooters, electric scooter and scooter parts, accessories.
Reduce city pollution and avoid city traffic jams by driving from point A to B with EkoRide! With EkoRide electric transport, you will visit your city parks more often, discover new places and have fun! The silence of the electric motor is all you need for a comfortable trip. With these vehicles, you can drive up to 120 km, so you can also plan long trips. The powerful and modern EkoRide electric scooter or scooter is perfect for covering city distances. – electric scooters of various models, suitable for the whole family!

EkoRide electric scooters shoot forward easily and overcome steep hills without much effort. All electric scooters and scooters have high-capacity batteries. Depending on the driving style, speed and weight of the driver, we can easily cover a distance of up to 120 km with them. Electric scooters and scooters have wide wheels, which ensure stability during driving. After getting off the scooter, it remains standing still without any additional legs or brackets.

You will easily pass obstacles, overcome a hill, go to work, shop. The power of the electric motor will help you on a more difficult journey. Electric bicycles allow the cyclist to move in a traditional way, common to everyone, but when necessary (when going uphill, or just tired after a long ride), the battery can be turned on, which makes riding extremely easy for a person. Electric bicycles are designed for riding both short and long distances. This vehicle is environmentally friendly.


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