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EkoRide SL3

EkoRide SL3- a design that attracts the eyes of passers-by, 2000w electric motor power and an easily removable battery that will allow you to drive up to 85 km!

The scooter is classified as L1e and is designed to ride on the streets.
This model requires a category AM or B driver’s license.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Electric scooter EkoRide SL3 has:

✔Front and rear shock absorbers, which will ensure a soft and comfortable ride;
✔LCD speedometer that shows battery level and speed;
✔Remote unlocking and alarm;
✔Easily removable battery that will allow you to drive up to 85 km!
✔Turn signals;
✔Rear and front lights to be visible at all times;
✔Hydraulic disc brakes;
✔Rear view mirrors.

Double disc hydraulic brakes

electric_motorcycle_2000w_30ah_harley_ekoride_big_wheels (Medium)

The easily removable battery will allow you to drive up to 85 km, and you can charge it anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

30ah_lithium_battery_box_for_electric_scooter (Medium)

Powerful 2000w next generation energy saving engine

electric_motorcycle_2000w_electric_motor (Medium)

The front and rear shock absorbers will ensure a soft and comfortable seat throughout the journey

shock_absorbers_for_electric_scooter (Medium)

Large and soft seat

big_seat_for_electric_scooter (Medium)

The LCD speedometer will allow you to monitor speed, distance traveled and remaining battery

speedoemeter_for_electric_scooter (Medium)

The phone holder with us USB connection will not allow your device to discharge!

5 (Large)

Remote unlock and alarm to keep you safe!

remote_control_alarm_for_electric_scooter (Medium)

Bright front LED light so you are always visible!

led_light_for_electric_scooter (Medium)

Spacious storage box

storage_box_for_electric_scooter (Medium)

LED rear light

electric_scooter_rear_turn_sygnals (Medium)
Weight75 kg
Dimensions220 × 110 × 46 cm
Maximum speed


Charging current


Easy removable battery





30Ah 60V, 20Ah 60V

Charging voltage

67.2V DC

Maximum range


Battery type


Charging time

6-8 Hour



Maximum load



Hydraulic brakes


Black matte

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